This was my second project with Shake-A-Leg, the non-profit organization out of Newport, Rhode Island.

Shake-A-Leg comes to the aid of disabled people of all ages and works to gain them independence and also helps them to adapt and overcome obstacles in society. This video documents the Shake-A-Leg Whole Life Therapy Program that takes place during the summer months.

Salve Regina University, in Newport Rhode Island hosts the program that works with disabled people giving them strategies on how to become more independent in an able-bodied society.

A talented team of physical therapists and a kind and dedicated staff help facilitate the participant’s goals and aspirations.

Group sessions are also a powerful tool to discuss certain issues that everyone has in common.

Working with Paul Callahan at Shake-A-Leg, I was able to set up sit down interviews and schedule timelines for shooting the required components to the documentary. This was all put on paper before the shoot day.

I shot this video in just one day. I shot the sit down interviews first, and tailored my b-roll around what was said. I was able to get a “slice of life” of the program by shooting a normal busy day at Salve Regina.

I used my Sony Z1U DHV workhorse camera and incorporated many shots with my GlideCam 4000 pro steadicam like stick. This worked nicely.

I lit the sitdowns with three lights. One Lowel DP 500w with a Chimera soft box for the key, a lowel DP 500w backlight and a Lowel DP 500w light to place the blue streak across the black background. That black background is fleece like material I purchased at an Ames fabric department during their going-out-of-business sale. If you look closely, you can see the natural daylight poking through the fabric because I was unable to completely block the window behind the background.

Audio was a Sony ECM-77b Lav.

I edited this project on my DELL computer running Adobe Premiere 5.1.


TRT: 15 minutes
File size: 333.5MB
Type: Quicktime mpeg4 720p HDTV

Please allow time for the video to download. This is a very large HD file.

Production Credits

Shot and Edited by:
Tom Guilmette

Special Thanks To:
Chris Ackernack

Sheila Sullivan
Robie Pierce
Paul Callahan

This video is not to be distributed