Welcome to my little slice of heaven. That is, if you consider heaven to be Tom Guilmette’s website. Since before the beginning of tomguilmette.com 1.0, Tom and I have been trying to come up with a way for me to contribute to the site. We always thought that it would be fun and useful for people to hear our phone conversations about television equipment and the work that we do with it. Sadly, we recorded one for test purposes and realized that it was possibly the worst idea either of us have ever had. So a couple years later, here I am on tomguilmette.com 3.0. taking another (hopefully more consistent) crack at sharing my thoughts. Without getting overly specific, I work in broadcast television. I also have quite a bit of experience in theatrical live sound  and lighting. If I could do it all again, I would probably be a broadcast engineer. This is because I simply love gear. I hope to share my experiences with the piles of equipment that I constantly find myself surrounded in. Tom hopes that I can contribute more on the post production side as well because he would rather be on top of a mountain with a 30lb camera on his shoulder than in front of a computer.

In closing, I hope that some of the rapport that Tom and I have can come out in my posts. We’ll see how many of them I get in trouble for.

With that, I have saved a voicemail that does a good job of summing up our relationship. Take a listen…

A Voicemail From Tom Guilmette

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