This video is also available at VintenRadamec dot com.

I shot three Videos for Vinten whilst in Las Vegas at NAB 2009. This is the third and final one and it explains the robotics division of Vinten Radamec. If you are not familiar with the technology, you will be surprised at how much you can control with just the tap of a finger!

In this video, the HD Vinten Radamec Control system (HDVRC) is explained and operated. It is and easy to configure control solution that provides multi-user, multi-facility control of pedestals, heads and elevation units.

The robotics pan heads shown in this video are the FHR120 and FH100. The pedestal camera support shown is the Fusion system and It is quite amazing how quickly and easily you can change the system from full remote operation to local manual control, and vice versa. The robotic heads even have a LF drag system similar to the Vision pan head range for drag and smooth control when operating the stdio camera manually.

A few other cool things that are shown in the video is how the control can talk to other third party remote camera systems. Also, I was surprised at how well the system can use a virtual set (green screen) and track the shot with the real and fake elements within the frame.

The HDVRC also supports SD/SDI and HD video signals and graphics capture consistent with HD signals on other broadcast equipment.

The robots move along the dark floor of a studio and they are smart enough to track a piece of black gaffers tape as a reference track!

This video is presented by Paul Holmes, the Technical Sales Manager Vinten Radamec, and I shot it with the Sony HDR-SR11.

For more information, please visit Vinten Radamec. Thanks to Ian Ellerby, Ruth Paskins Gordon, Len Donovan, Ginny Grove and Paul Holmes for their help with this project.

TRT: 6 minutes 26 seconds

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