A few months ago, I shot with Fastec Imaging HiSPEC2 high speed cameras at the University of Rhode Island. I worked with the URI Mens Basketball team and Cox Sports to shoot a series of spots for the upcoming season. The spots featured the Seniors on the URI Rams basketball team and the short videos where edited by Cox Sports.

I shot at 718 frames per second in 720p using four open faced 1k Lowell DP lights. We shot in a dark gym just as the sun was setting outside. You can see the pale outdoor light through the windows high in the arena ceiling. I was able to shut off the mercury vapor lights in the rafters, but had no control of the windows. I used them in the spots and love the way they added a blueish glow in the background. High speed cameras require a lot of light, but we managed to pull it off by placing the lamps very close to the players. Some of the shots include lighting fixtures in the background directed into the camera lens.

I was very surprised at how well the footage came out using the HiSPEC2 camera in very dynamic and limited lighting conditions. The camera had to be tethered to a Windows laptop for the entire shoot and I used the PC screen as my viewfinder. This camera from Fastec Imaging works quite well on a production where a Phantom would break the budget.

Interested in renting this camera? Please contact Matt at Fastec Imaging by clicking here. Tell him I sent ya!

The hardest part of this shoot was the fact we only had a few hours with the players. Ben Eaves, Will Martell, Marquis Jones and Delroy James are featured in the spots below.