I have been working non-stop. And… I got my EX1 back from Sony in New Jersey. I had them upgrade my firmware from version 1.03 to 1.11 so that I can use the big 32GB SxS cards and purchase the sony 60GB hard drive. Not sure when I will do it, but I will need that type of memory space soon.

I must say, it only took Sony 10 days to turn the camera around, but it felt like months. I really missed the EX1. As soon as it returned, I had it back in service full time. Aaron at Letus sent me the second generation Nikon mount for my Extreme. This is much better and makes for a very tight connection. Thanks Aaron!

I have three videos I will be editing very soon to add to my site.

The first is a “video journal” of my trip to North Carolina embedded with the University of Rhode Island basketball team as they took on Duke. I am directing the photography and shooting a documentary that follows the team for their entire 2008-2009 season for a local television station. I will not give too much away as far as the doc goes in my web video, I will simply comment on the gear. I will explain what I used and how I used it in certain situations. I traveled alone for this part of the doc and was responsible for the pictures, the sound and the story. I shot this all with the Sony Z7U HDV camera in 24p. I am not editing this documentary. I am only posting some of the footage to my site.

The second video I will put up will be a short behind the scenes of a shoot I did with my EX1 and the Letus Extreme with Matt Cassel (New England Patriots Quarterback) as he visited cancer patients at Children’s Hospital in Boston. This was shot for a PSA for a local sports tv station. The tv station will edit the actual promotion.

The third video I have to get done for my site is just a bunch of EX1 and Letus Extreme visuals of Providence College and their basketball program. I overcranked everything at 60 FPS for a Rhode Island television spot. My editor will be cutting the footage into a 30 second commercial to air with the Providence College basketball broadcasts to promote the coverage. This spot will have a religious tone to it and we actually have someone composing music and scoring the piece!

Keep an eye on this page, I think I have a day off near the end of November!