Welcome to Tom Guilmette Dot Com 3.0!

I have spent about 50 hours over the last few weeks filling in this awesome new theme I bought from WPzoom.com. The theme is called, “Technologic” and the WPzoom folks have many other great WordPress themes to choose from.

I purchased two themes for $99. A real bargain given the fact the themes are some of the best I have seen on the interwebs. Also, when you buy in, you get support for life on the WPzoom web forums. I have already used these forums and I got answers to my php and java script questions within 24 hours.

I love how fast and clean my 3.0 site is now. Publishing is so easy and only takes one step. I upload all images through the WordPress interface. All the videos on my site are now hosted by Vimeo Plus. Many people may not know, but for just $60 a year, you get some amazing functionality using Vimeo Plus. You can use Vimeo for a video streaming service only. You can hide videos from the Vimeo community and only have them stream on your site. I do this with content that is copyrighted so that I can control where the stuff shows up. You are not able to embed and post some of the content on these pages. You can only view them on my site.

I modified the themes myself, adding php code to insert advertisement banners in the header and inside pages and posts. These are affiliates or companies I know and trust. These ads help pay for my website. I have them set to randomly change as you go through the pages.

I still have my old site up and running, Tom Guilmette Dot Com 2.0 but if you visit those pages, you will see a pop up message for my new site. I do not want to delete 2.0 because many people are still directed to those pages from other sites and Google search. If ya want to see my very old website, version 1.0, click here! The website has come a long way over two years!

I am still using Blue Host as my web server. I am also very happy with them. I only pay about $120 a year. I get unlimited storage and bandwidth. I have had 99% uptime over the two plus years I have been with them. They do not provide dedicated servers, so I am sharing with other websites. This, so far, has not been a problem.

I hope you like the upgrade! Please use the comment section below to tell me what you like and do not like about the page. I have already used feedback from visitors and slowed down the scrolling “Featured Articles” carousel on my main page. I got the .js coding fix from the support forums on WPzoom. I highly recommend them!