I was going crazy, waiting in my idling carbon monoxide filled car, working on my astro-timelapse project. It was -18C or -1F outside, I can’t take that kind of cold. You see, to shoot timelapses, you must be patient. Or at least find something to edit while the earth rotates….very slowly.

A few notes about the above video:

I set up my Canon 5Dmk2 for three weeks in my kitchen pointed at two bananas. I used the Canon 50mm f1.2 L series lens and set the camera to shoot one full resolution picture every ten minutes. I left the kitchen overhead light on night and day and I used the a/c adapter to power the camera. The bananas did not smell, but they blocked access to the microwave oven…. for three weeks!

I wanted to experiment using the entire 21.1 megapixel (5616×3744) frame in post. I was editing in 1080p, so I had some room to play with. This is all one camera shot, but because I was shooting such high resolution stills, I was able to zoom into different portions of the frame to pick off tight shots (without losing quality) of the rotten bananas.

The resulting timelapse was cool, but I was not sure how to use it.

So, while sitting in my car with a headache I came up with this….I edited it together real fast but thought twice about posting it. The video has appeal. No pun intended.