I brought my PMW-EX1 to McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket Rhode Island to shoot some game flavor and weather shots. Of course, I had the Letus35 Extreme film lens adapter mounted to the front of the camera.

Actually, my angle on this short film was to showcase the sunsets that occur at this ball park. I had seen some excellent colors and cloud formations over the left field wall in my many years shooting here.

I wanted to do a lot of time lapsing. The EX1 worked great. I set it to record one frame for every one second elapsed. I also played with the EX1 slow shutter feature and set the shutter to 16 for the fast motion blur effect.

I brought my lenses and also used two new filters I bought. I now had a 72mm Tiffen .6 graded neutral density filter and a 72mm Tiffen circular polarizer. The graded filter was great because it added ND just to the sky, and allowed proper exposure throughout the entire frame. This filter also made the sky appear to be more deep blue. The polarizer removed glare and also deepened the colors.

I shot the first half of this film during my lunch break. The second half was during the game as I multi tasked and operated two cameras at once. I ran my network hard camera (high first camera 3) and between innings and during pitching changes, I adjusted the camera and set up new shots.

There was some shake to a few of the time lapse shots. Keep in mind, I was swinging my hard camera and jumping around on the camera platform as I did my paid job, the network baseball coverage. This movement added some bound to the time lapse.

I wrote and narrated this film. I also made a cameo. See if you can find me.

I set the camera picture profile to “Cine2” and set the HiSAT to +99 for a lot of in camera saturation. Very little was done to color correct or add saturation in post. What you see is what the camera created.

TRT: 3 minutes and 24 seconds.
File size: 79.5 MB

Type: Quicktime mpeg4 720p HDTV

Please allow time for the video to download. This is a very large HD file.

Production Credits

Shot, Written, Narrated and Edited by:
Tom Guilmette

Special Thanks To:
The Clam

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