I shot, edited and narrated a short documentary of my travels down the famous Kancamagus Highway (route 112) in New Hampshire.

With record snowfall in the area this winter, I wanted to see how much snow remained. I also wanted to see how high the lakes, streams and rivers were.

I hiked into Sabaday Falls with my Sony PMW-EX1 fitted with a Letus Extreme 35mm film lens adapter, a Vinten Vision 3 tripod, my homemade dolly system and my bag of lenses.

The waterfall was spectacular. The water was very high. I did not bump into another soul while I was shooting. I had to make two trips in with all my gear, leaving the dolly track near the falls while I snowshoed back to the car to pick up the more expensive gear.

The weather was overcast most of the morning and dry, but around 11am while I was at Sabaday Falls, the rain began to fall.

I was slipping and siding all over the place trying to lay dolly track in the rising waters of the very cold stream. I decided, after almost dropping my EX1 in the drink, to head out and shoot another day.

I got enough footage to write a story around and I edited it on my Mac Book Pro in my car while the rain blasted the windshield.

I edited the short using Final Cut Pro. I used the three way color corrector to add some saturation. I graded the color in each shot using Magic Bullet Looks.

Please read my blog on the trip and check out the production stills from behind the scenes. You can see those by clicking here.

TRT: 6 minutes and 30 seconds.

File size: 144.5 MB
Type: Quicktime mpeg4 720p HDTV

Please allow time for the video to download. This is a very large HD file.

Production Credits

Shot, Written, Narrated and Edited by:

Tom Guilmette

This video is not to be distributed.