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I built this website to talk about television, my work, cool equipment and what I have learned over the years. I did not want my Blog to be like so many others. People who ramble on and on about politics or their favorite pet cat. But sometimes I will make an exception. This is one of those times.

I enjoy the outdoors and I respect the environment. However, sometimes my enjoyment of the outdoors has a negative impact on the environment.

I use to own a 1999 Polaris 600 XC SP red snowmobile. I sold it in 2003 after putting only about 500 miles on it. I would trailer it to NH only about three times a winter. All that has changed with my Wentworth, NH land purchase and the building of “Camp Wentworth” in 2007. I recently bought a used sled from my New Hampshire neighbor Bruce. It is similar to my Polaris in size and color but it is a Yamaha.

gassin up the sledsheavy snow
the guysbruce

Today, my neighbor Bruce and three of his friends, Todd, Tim and Phil hit the trails in the Baker River Valley. We made it as far as Franconia Notch and travelled almost 100 miles in 7 hours. The conditions were EPIC. Best some of these people have seen around here for decades. I would guess that there is about 3-4 feet of snow on the ground in the woods and the groomers have packed it down nicely on the trail system.

As for the environment, snowmobiling is loud and dirty. The 2 stroke engines only burn about 70 percent of the gas, the rest goes right out the exhaust pipe. Blue exhaust smoke fills the trails and burns the eyes. As far as treading lightly, the sleds do limited physical damage to the trails. Off road 4×4 ATVs in the summer time dig deep ruts and rip out water bars aiding erosion. I don’t own one of those…yet.

Check out these videos below shot with my Kodak Easy Share v705 point and shoot camera. This is the same camera I used to capture my pictures in the photo gallery section of this site.

Trying to hold on…

Bruce opening her up…

It is not easy to run a sled with one hand and shoot video with the other. Perhaps next time I will mount the camera on my helmet or something. If I do that, I can justify talking about snowmobiling in a blog designed around television.