I used two Canon 5dmk2 cameras with “L” Series glass to shoot a music video a few weeks ago. The band is called “Sleep Alive” and they are out of Worcester, Massachusetts.

We shot in two locations. The first was a small bar/restaurant in the city of Worcester and the second location was an old movie theater in Millbury.

I shot this video alone. No crew. I used available light in the restaurant and used Kino Flows and Arris in the old theater. I had a dolly and short jib. I also used a Glidecam 4000 Pro for the tracking shots. I shot with the Canon 5dmk2s in 1080p 24fps.

All the footage shot with the band was at ISO 6400. There was very little light inside the theater. Amazing how good it still looks!

The band played the song about 8 times and each time I shot differently. I locked off the second 5dmk2 on the drummer or wide to get the most for our time in the location. I shot this entire music video in 5 hours.

Torey Champagne edited the video on Final Cut Pro and used Adobe After Effects.


Torey is the lead vocal in “Sleep Alive”. He is also one heck of an editor. Torey edited the music video and shot and edited the “making of…” video. Did I mention he directed the music video too? And again he sings in the band. Great guy to work with, that’s for sure.

Check out his website at, http://www.toreychampagne.com