UPDATE: EPIC storm coming this weekend! I will be back on the trails blasting pow Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday first week of 2010!

I’m on vacation in New Hampshire (though I am shooting a two week timelapse of ice forming on a lake) and I just wanted to post a quick trail report for anyone planning on heading up this way for skiing, riding or snowmobiling.

I was skiing at Loon mountain a few days ago and the conditions were not so good. Mostly man-made pow, icy and frozen ball bearings of snow as you shred it up. Tomorrow we are getting rain and ice in most of the state including high on the mountains. So as far as skiing or riding goes, if you can wait, I would say don’t waste the trip! Maybe with the colder temps this week we will get a storm?

I took the sled out today for the first time this season and should have listened to the locals and kept it in the garage. The video above shows an old rail bed that has been groomed. I was able to get up to the speed limit and enjoy the ride, but there is JUST enough snow to ride these trails. The conditions are decent in most places, but the groomer is dragging across a hard pack four inches of snow. Some areas are exposed dirt and if you venture off the main trails in Warren, Wentworth, and Rumney, expect to damage your sled skis when you hit rocks and roots at 45mph! I bent up my left ski trying to get up into the Three Ponds Hut natural area this afternoon. I committed to crossing a very exposed and rocky stream bed and had to go for it!

Also, lakes like Newfound are currently completely open water. I am not certain about Lake Winnipesauke, but I would advise anyone not to test them out with your sled this early in the season!

So if you are planning on heading north this week for vacation, I recommend a nice snowshoe hike up a mountain or around a lake. You can’t go wrong with a hike. I hope the mountains get snow with the dropping temps starting Monday, but if not, keep the boards, skis and sleds at home or on the trailer!

Happy Holidays and thanks for all your support.