I have been working with my new favorite camera system, the Vision Research Phantom HD GOLD. The camera shoots amazingly crisp high speed footage and I am using it to capture mountain bike riders around New England. Nick and I are working on a film that we hope to release sometime next year that will feature a lot of footage shot at over 1000 frames per second in full HD. We are using some sick film lenses like the Angenieux Optimo 17-80mm t2.2 zoom and a full set of Zeiss super speed primes.

The second tease we are releasing features Giant rider Alex Couture. I spend an afternoon with him at a local riding spot near North Conway New Hampshire. I captured a small bit of trail with Alex using the Phantom during golden hour. The music is by “The Whitest Boy Alive” and the track is called “Fireworks”.

This quick Phantom session is just a small portion if the super slow motion we plan to include in the up coming bike film, the “Missing Link“. The film is currently in production.