I was hired to shoot a 30 second spot for a local Rhode Island television network. This network broadcasts most of the Providence College Friars’ basketball games.

The purpose of this commercial was to promote the station’s coverage of the college team in a dramatic way with a religious tone.

I shot everything in one day. I walked the PC campus with my Sony EX1 with the Letus Extreme, tripod, my bag of lenses and my home made dolly. I shot for about six hours in clear but very cold conditions. Later that day, I drove five miles to the Dunkin Donuts Center and shot the game footage.

To get the sweet statue shot, I asked a guy on campus with a blower if he would stir up a small tornado full of leaves and he helped me out.

I color graded with Magic Bullet Looks and slowed the 60 fps overcranked footage even more with Twixtor.

The actual spot will be thirty seconds. I posted this four minute piece on my website because I simply had too much footage!

TRT: 4 mins 8 sec
Size: 95.1MB
Format: Quicktime 720p HD

Production Credits

Shot and Edited by:
Tom Guilmette

Music Credit:
City of Prague Philharmonic – Chevaliers De Sangreal – The Da Vinci Code Soundtrack – Hans Zimmer

Special Thanks To:

John Parris
Ray Lepre
Anthony Finucane
Cox Cable Television

This video is not to be distributed.