I’m stoked to be going to the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas tomorrow and really excited to be representing two great companies, Vinten and Kessler. This will be my 4th NAB and from now until the rest of my days I will never miss it. I have found NAB to be such a great experience and it further strengthens my business by getting a hands on with new gear, giving/taking feedback from equipment vendors and most of all, networking with creative professionals. I find the show to be 40% about the gear and 60% about the people who make it and use it.

List of gear used in the above video blog:

Vinten Vision Blue
Vinten Vision Blue 5
Manfrotto 701HDV

Sony PMW-F3
Canon 5dmk2

Canon 24-70mm f2.8 L
Canon 16-35mm f2.8 mk2 L
Singh Ray VariND (77mm & 82mm)

Two foot Stealth Traveler Slider
Basic Controller kit for Stealth (516:1 motor, Stealth bracket)

I will be splitting my time from Monday April 16 to Wednesday April 18 in both the Vinten and Kessler booths on the NAB event floor. Please make an effort to seek me out, my favorite part of NAB is meeting the people who are passionate about the craft of visual story telling.

Kessler Crane has created a brand new motion control camera system called “Fusion”. Eric Kessler will be demonstrating the Fusion computer guided, encoder enabled motorized system that will change the timelapse motion control world. I will be in their booth talking about my experiences with Kessler sliders, the ElektraDRIVE motor systems, Oracle controllers, Basic controllers and the Kessler crane.

Vinten has released a new fluid pan and tilt head to their Vision Blue range called the “Blue 5”. I have been using Vision heads for many years with broadcast ENG cameras and was very excited when Vinten introduced the Vision Blue designed for smaller light weight cameras. I was now able to get the perfect balance and silky smooth action I expected from a Vision head, in a tighter, smaller and less-expensive package.

The new head is similar to the original Blue, but it can take more weight. I found the Blue 5 to be a perfect match with the Kessler 2 foot sliders and a DSLR to add smooth precise movements to achieve dynamic camera shots.

I recently traveled to Tucson, Arizona to shoot some b-roll for a project that highlighted the recovery of an alpine forest many years after a forest fire dramatically altered the landscape. I used the Vinten Vision Blue 5 fluid head to support the Kessler Stealth 2 foot slider and a Canon 5dmk2 DSLR. I worked alone and managed to bring back some amazing footage in short time by setting the camera to slowly slide automatically down the Stealth using the Kessler Basic controller in continuous mode. The Blue 5 was my pivot point and I panned the camera in the opposite direction of the slide. This “backpan” as I like to call it, adds a 3D feel and the camera wraps around an object creating a parallax effect. The amazing counter balance system on the Blue 5 allowed me to dial in the perfect balance and get precise control on the head for smooth movement without any surprises.

In addition to small camera head and ENG tripods, I will also be talking about my experiences with the Vinten Vector 75 pan head while in Vegas. I work as a sports camera operator in Boston and I have always had a great amount of respect for the Vinten Vector 70. Vinten released the Vector 75 last year and I have been putting it through its paces covering professional sports around the country. Most of my colleagues echo this statement: The Vinten Vector range of pan heads are THE BEST for large cameras with box lenses to cover sports, entertainment and studio television. The Vector heads offer perfect balance, amazing silky smooth control and the ability to zoom super tight and track a fast moving object with precision.

Please visit the Vinten C6029 and Kessler C9848 booth if you are attending NAB this April. I will be using Twitter @tomguilmette to communicate and post interesting news about gear while I am on the event floor, so be sure to follow me. I will also be posting a video blog mid week on this website with interviews and b-roll from some vendors I think are making steps in the right direction to help us all tell our visual stories. If you are stuck working in television, keep an eye on my blog and Twitter feed. If you are at NAB, I will see you in Vegas!

Post any questions below on my comment section if you want me to check out anything while at NAB. I will do my best to talk to the vendor for you and send a report on the gear. I am interested in checking out the new high speed cameras: Sony FS700, Fastec TS3, Vision Research Phantom MIRO 320, the new Fujinon ENG-style 35mm zoom and Zeiss super speed lenses, external recorders and of course the new 4k cameras that are invading the television/cine world.