Not having all of the sweet gear Tom Guilmette has, I had to improvise to create this tilting timelapse. It’s a series of stills that are much higher resolution than the 1280×720 canvas space I used to edit the video. Because of this I created an image sequence that was large enough that I could do a ‘Pan & Scan’ from the top to the bottom within Final Cut.

Here is the ‘Pan & Scan’:

Here is the full resolution output:

The stills were all shot using an intervalometer and a Canon T2i using the smallest possible image size since it would still be much larger than my finished product. The dimensions of the still photographs all came in at 1728w × 2592h. I batch scaled and exported them to fit within a standard 1280w x 720h 16:9 aspect ratio at 1280w × 1920h.

I then created an image sequence using Quicktime Player 7 using the recently exported images and exported it to a quicktime movie that I brought into Final Cut. Once inside Final Cut I did a simple two keyframe move with the oversized movie.