Carousel Short Film

I was around the RED ONE digital cinema camera today with Director Eric Scott Latek from Phantazma Pictures.

I will be editing a short video blog in the near future with some behind the scenes footage of a project that was being shot on the RED.

Today, Eric showed me some new television technology that I was unaware of. They are now making 21:9 super wide televisions! Also, he showed me a great short film, with behind the scenes commentary, using a really dynamic still-world moving-camera technique.

Philips 21:9 TV

Philips is pioneering the new “Cinema 21:9″ wide aspect television screen. Now you can watch movies at home like in the cinema and just as the director intended. Cinema 21:9 is a 56” screen that is in the 21:9 aspect ratio, so movies in the 2.39:1 format completely fill the screen. No more letter boxed black bars at the top of your 16:9 television set.

You can read all about the new television format at Philips by clicking here.

Carousel Short Film

As a promotional portion of the Philips 21:9 website, they have released a sick short film that uses innovative movie making to move a camera through an explosive bank robbery… but the entire shot is a frozen moment in time! YOU GOTTA SEE THIS: Click here to view the short film Directed by Adam Berg called “Carousel”.

This film has been out for a few months and I have no idea how it flew below my radar for that long! You can also watch the Flash version of this film at the Philips Cinema website with behinds the scenes footage and commentary. Click Here.

Also a great behind the scenes web “FX Guide TV” show about this unique short film. Click here to view it.