Fstop academy - Learn to shoot better HDSLR video with Philip Bloom

I highly recommend Philip Bloom’s F-Stop Academy DSLR training DVDs if you own either a Canon 5dmk2 or a 7d. I have watched them both and Phil’s presentation is easy to follow. Phil is very passionate about anything television or film and after viewing these DVDs, it is obvious he put a lot of work into them. The content he crammed into the product is amazing.

Since the firmware update and native 24p recording on the Canon 5dmk2, some of the workflow covered in the 5dmk2 DVD is no longer necessary. That being said, both of these DVDs are very fun to watch. They each have excellent information to make even a seasoned DSLR video-veteran like myself, scratch my head and say “wow, that I didn’t know!” Yea, It really happened and no I’m not a seasoned veteran. Plus I laughed quite a bit as Phil changed his trademarked t-shirts frequently as the Florida temperature increased.

Phil has now lowered the price on the DVDs to a very respectable $89 for the 5dmk2 version and $97 for the 7d version. This is a steal at this price. These DVDs will make you a better DSLR filmmaker.

If you had to choose one DVD, go with the “Learn 2 Shoot Great Video with the Canon 7D“, even if you only own a 5Dmk2. It works quite well for both cameras. The 7D DVD is very comprehensive, has great production value and even includes Joseph Stunzi!

To order these DVDs (either physical DVD or digital download) at the new discounted price, click here.