Here is how the kitchen looked on the scout day. This is a high end residential kitchen in Winchester, MA. White floor to ceiling cabinets, wolf oven, Subzero refrigerator, marble counter tops surrounded by hardwood flooring. My first thought is wow… this is going to be a challenge…. to light this and not make a mark or scuff. DP Billy Velten, Key Grip Darryl and me decided to take advantage of the large windows on the left side of the kitchen. We would put an Arri 1.8 HMI Par on an 8’ scaffold tower and a crank stand. Use the shutters on the windows to the left to make nice natural hard light patterns on the back lower cabinets and let some streak across the marble top of the island. The windows are facing west so we would have to raise a 12 x 12 solid in the late afternoon to keep and direct sun from entering the kitchen. We also decided that the lighting fixtures above the island would have to come down. This would allow us to use the electrical boxes as hanging points for an 8’- double Kino Flo, lamped 5500K, fixture to light the top of the island.

The grips spanned the width of the kitchen with 12’ schedule 40 iron pipe resting on ½ apples sitting top of the cabinets. The ½ apples raised the “tees” made of speed rail fitting and a 10” piece of aluminum pipe on both ends of the iron pipe. (The ends where rotated one front and one back to prevent the pipe from rolling). In addition to the one pictured above, a second pipe was placed behind this one using the same method. To the upper right of the photo you can see the 8’ Kino hanging using picture hanging wire from the electrical boxes where the over the counter lights were.

Caution is always the rule when shooting on location in someone’s house. You can see the sound blankets covering the marble counter top. This allowed us to stand on the counter to hang the Kino. In the back we turned on the vent hood lights to get some shape. We would treat these with ½ CTB so they would be less warm once the scene lighting is complete with all daylight fixtures.

On the camera right side of the kitchen you can see the 4’- 4 bank Kino Flo hanging off of a “wall spreader” rigged by the grips. The 2’ – 4 bank Kino is rigged off a separate 2”x 4” that is fastened the wall buster and a piece of aluminum pipe rigged off a stand hidden in a counter top to ceiling shelf just built into the side of the vent hood. This will be the fill side when the host and hostess are in the center position and become a back and ¾ back when the camera shoots from this angle. Pictured to the right is a joe leko using a 400w joker bug and a 50˚ lens to light above a fomecore shelf as a direct back light to the center position. The shelf prevents any light spill down onto the set. The joe leeko has cutters to the light can be shaped to fit inside the shelf area.

This is a look at the key side of the kitchen with all of the Kino Flo’s hanging and on. If you look close to the right of the ladder, you can see the real sun hitting the cabinets just above what the Arri 1.8 HMI with ½ CTS is doing on the lower cabinets. This will have to be controlled by raising the 12’ x 12’ solid behind the 1.8.The lower right of the picture has another joe leko only this one is an 800w and is bounced off the ceiling right in front of the hanging 8’ – double Kino Flo to add some additional soft top light to help fill in the eyes.

Last Looks!

Once DP Billy Velten is happy with camera placement, time for one more check and tweak of the key lights onto the center position. Behind, to the left, are the host and hostess deciding how they will begin the demo.

Vista Beams on stands for Key lights allows adjustments for CU of product demos. This is a POV of what the host and hostess will be looking at for the next two days.

Perfect!….. Wait for it.

After the last pick up shot…. waiting to see if the director wants to do it again….?

That’s a wrap…thank you everyone! And…. oh yeah please put the kitchen back together!

Some behind the scenes:

DP Billy Velten relaxes during a media management task

B camera discussion between DP Donald and AC Joan

Host and Hostess listen to comments from the director

Who has the best app?