I have been working on my new v2.0 site for almost three weeks. I have put about 50 hours into the design. I had to figure out a way to transfer my old v1.0 iWeb formatted blog with gigs of video and loads of photos to the powerful and streamlined WordPress interface. I was again inspired by Philip Bloom and his new site powered by WordPress.

I decided to go with a simple, three column, white page design that will load very fast and be easy to navigate.

WordPress is great because it allows people to write code for cool add-ons and other interactive elements that add a dynamic property to anyone’s web presence.

I must thank Bytes For All for their passion to create code for the masses and provide answers and support at no cost. I will donate money to the guy who designed this great “Atahualpa” theme. I also would like to thank all the code writers who have created the many plugins I have added to this site to make the page what it is. It amazes me that people do all this open source work for free.

Please take a moment to register on this site and check it out. Even if you do not register, you can still post comments to the text boxes at the bottom of most pages. I look forward to your input and let me know if you find any bad links or other errors on the pages.