First of all, Happy New Year! Thanks for visiting my website and taking the time to watch and comment on my videos and films!

Now, I must reflect on 2008…

I created this website and posted my first blog ever. This website has made me new friends, got me a few sweet gigs and it also provided me a way to get all my creative stuff online for the world to see and evaluate. I have applied compliments and criticisms I received to new projects as I evolve as a professional.

The site also gave me a chance to help out people who are new to this exciting business (and hobby) of television production.

I bought a new camera (Sony PMW-EX1) and a 35mm lens adapter (Letus Extreme) that changed the way I shoot forever. The depth of field created by prime lenses changed my life as well. I find it very hard now to shoot without it.

The Redrock Micro, follow-focus, 4×5.65 glass filter (that break really easily) helped me produce spectacular imagery. I can’t forget Magic Bullet Looks for color grading in post!

I turned from a hardcore Microsoft PC user to a streamlined Mac user overnight. I have trouble using Windows based systems now and I look forward to getting a bigger, faster, and badder Mac tower in 2009 (with Blu-Ray?).

Vimeo was a welcomed addition to “sites I love to visit” because of the amount of people who upload very inspiring work. Some of this stuff is so well produced that it gets me pumped up to go out and shoot.

I worked on my first 16mm film, traveled on assignment with Discovery Channel, moved about the United States on various jobs, got some free stuff from companies (to test out), and had the pleasure of working with Philip Bloom. Phil inspired me, like he has inspired so many others across the internet to get out, open your eyes and shoot. And then put those images on the world wide web for all to see…explaining how you captured them with great detail for others to learn from.

A few cool things I found at the end of 2008 that I would like to share with you…

Free Plug-ins that look great, EUREKA! Thanks to my bud TJ Powers for this.
Go here and download the free plug-in package. You will like the “Vapor Across” transition for Final Cut Pro. I see it on TV all the time!

Another piece of software I highly recommend is Shot Put Pro by Imagine Products. This little piece of software will cost you $90 but it is well worth it. Shot Put Pro streamlines your work flow from acquisition to archive automatically. Check it out here.

How ’bout Twixtor, a great tool for time-ramping video. This little $320 plugin filter from Re:vision FX also works to “add frames” to achieve super-slow motion effects. You can find it here.

I look forward to posting more crazy creative stuff on this website in 2009. Stay tuned, register on my site and use my forum to “geek-out” on everything “TV”.