Welcome Jeff Hamel to my website. Jeff will be posting blogs about one of the most important parts of television and film production, Lighting. I have worked along side Jeff on a few jobs and he is very good at what he does. As a DP, when I see his name on the crew list, I know that the client’s vision will be brought to life. Jeff is from the Boston area and he specializes in using LED technology from Zylight to “paint with light”.

I shot a Celtics piece (Ray Allen) with my F800 and was the Director of Photography. Jeff was the Lighting Director and used Z90 Zylights to add green and blue to the background. After watching him use these amazing LED lights, I bought one!

Here is some information about Jeff:

Consultant to Zylight LLC (2005-Present)

  • Provide expert analysis of design, function and integration of LED fixtures into the Broadcast, film / video production and event industry.
  • Dealer Relations and Sales Support responsible for growing and supporting Zylight’s international dealer network, and providing tailored pre- and post-sales support to key customers.
  • Key contributions:

  • Utilizing over 20 years as a Lighting Director/Gaffer for product evaluation and training dealer sales staff.
  • Visual acuity and extensive knowledge of the nuances of lighting bring ‘expert witness’ credibility and validation to Zylight’s final product: cinema-quality illumination. Extensive knowledge and observational experience unmatched by any scientific instrument.
  • Introduced Zylight’s intelligent LED lighting system to a network series “Time Warp Season Two” for use in both HD and HD high speed video.
  • Now, here is Jeff’s first blog! Read below:

    I have attached three frame grabs (and links to the projects) from scenes that I used Zylight products to add production value. In both projects the Zylight LED lights were mounted on quarter apple boxes on the floor or on stands.

    The first still grab image was from a PSA for Horizons for Homeless Children. Celtic Ray Allen is featured in the still… the color background was done using 2 – Zylight Z90’s. The producer wanted to shoot “black limbo” until I demonstrated the ability of adding Celtic green and Horizon’s blue to an off white wall.

    And here is the final piece on YouTube. Courtesy Comcast Sports Net:

    Special thanks to TJ Powers, Mike Gorman and Comcast Sports Net.

    The second and third still grabs are from a commercial for a hospital in New Hampshire. The OR is a white sterile looking room with sophisticated medical equipment. We had the OR for 20 minutes. The MIR room was very white and bland. In these scenes I used 4 – Z90’s on quarter apple boxes hidden behind the equipment with 1 – Z90 on a stand to light the talent. The 1 – IS3 filled the room with color…. “paint with light”.

    Here is the finished spot for St. Joseph Hospital:

    Click on the images below for more information…

    It was easy … just put the Z90’s and IS3 in place, stand at the monitor with the client and DP to make adjustments using the wireless remote.