I am in the Las Vegas airport and so happy that the download speeds are 1MB and the upload speeds are 10MB! I could not find a proper internet spot on the strip that would allow me to get the into out to you all. But here at the airport, I am on free access and I have managed to upload my 15 minute report from NAB 2012.

I walked around yesterday and went straight to the booths that held technology that I found interesting. I did not have a lot of time, so I missed quite a bit, but for those who could not make it to NAB this year, I hope you enjoy my video blog.

This blog post is rushed and will be fixed when I get back to Boston later tonight (or this weekend, since I am exhausted and need sleep bad). I must thank a few people.

First off, a big thanks to my 2012 NAB sponsors, Vinten and Kessler. As for the people, just to name a few…

Cristina, Eric K, Chris, Preston, Milk Man, Joel, Carlos, Karen, Austin, Philip, Sara, Mario, Sebastian, Nino, Tom, Carson, Peter, Len, Paul, Marnie, Mike, Matt, Jeff, Aaron, Hein, Ben, David, Reed, Shawn, Nilo, TJ, Eric, Dr., Edi, Jonathan, Khalid, Tyler, and so many others. You folks are the main reason I keep coming back.

More to come, my flight is boarding!