I spent 90 percent of my time in the Vinten Booth whilst at NAB for the first two days. I really enjoyed speaking with people about what I do for a living and the Vinten products I use everyday.

I met a bunch of people whom I had only known using social media like Twitter or my website. I was happy to place the @twitterID with a face. Many great individuals around the world and I found this NAB to be very valuable to build up relationships with people in the trade.

I still have one day left to chat tripods and television (Wednesday), so if you are in Vegas, please swing by the Vinten booth in the Central Hall for a quick hello. If you are interested in a new tripod, I would love to demonstrate the perfect balance feature on the Vision series pan head.

I edited a real rough video blog of my experience around the NAB event and tried to highlight equipment that I was interested in learning more about. I used my Sony SR11 with the Sony V1 wireless lav mic system. You will notice that I lost the mic clip early on, so I had to get creative attaching the thing! I will shoot Wednesday as well speaking with the Letus guys and a few other companies making excellent equipment for television and filmmakers. Special thanks to my buddy TJ for his help the first day.

Video blog sponsored by Vinten.

Philip Bloom is not in this video because he became very ill whilst in Vegas. Hope you feel better Mr. Bloom!