My goal for 2011 was to launch a brand new interactive website. I am going to be hosting a weekly live webcast with chat on my site in the near future. I will be answering questions about television and film production using the chat window at the bottom of the page. I want to keep this all on my site, so dont go over to uStream and chat on their service. The page will be located at

This is totally free and it should work with most computers (no ipads yet sorry) from any part of the world. Watch my little introduction below.

During the live webcast, you will have to sit through a 30 second ad only at the very beginning, then it is smooth sailing. A few uStream generated lower third ads may pop up, but you can ‘X’ them out.

I did a test two nights ago and had 60 people in the room with me for nearly 2 full hours! No technical problems with the live stream. The only mistake I made was I forgot to hit record on the live feed at my end to save the 2 hour webcast as an archive.

There were a few bloopers I wish I could have seen from that test, like a falling Litepanels and me choking on bottled water.

This is what I need from you guys. Please post the best time for the weekly webcast in Eastern standard time. Do you want week days or week nights? 9pm or 11pm? Throw out anytime good for you! I will go through the times and find the best for most people (and me of course).

Also, post some subject matter you want to discuss. I will do my best to cover the material or fake it if I don’t know anything about it! Keep it to TV and film production, tools and technique. I could also do a “storytime” hour where I just tell you all the crazy situations I have been working in live sports television.

What are you waiting for? Post in the comment section below!