This is the third live chat I have done on my website. This time I was chatting about my “Locked in a Vegas Hotel Room with a Phantom Flex” viral video. I will explain how and why I made the video. Over 1.4 Million hits on Vimeo in a week and nearly 5,000 likes by accident really. Also, I will show off the Zylight Z90 LED light and Switronics BP70, BP70C, PRO-X GP-DV-CH Canon 5dmk2 regulator for powering DSLR cameras.

Few corrections in this video, the Phantom Flex uses a electronic global shutter, not a spinning shutter. The Zylight goes up to 9000 degrees K not 900 like I said in video. The Sony viewfinder I used on the Phantom (HDVF-C30W) is a color LCD not a color CRT. Finally, the film is called “The Social Network”, not The Facebook movie. I’m sure there are countless other mistakes in the live stream, so I apologize in advance!

Links to stuff I’m talking about in this session:

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Great article written by John Pavlus of