President Obama visit to Tech Boston in Dorchester Mass. “Tech Boston has provided over 10,000 teacher hours of professional development and direct assistance to schools to implement courses educating more than 5,000 students in the following areas: Advanced Placement Computer Science, Web Development, Cisco Networking, Cisco IT Essentials, Microsoft Office Specialist, and Robotics.” (To find out more ) Above is a shot of the gym at Tech Boston during the load in. The next few photos begin to give you an idea of the amount of equipment needed for a Presidential visit. This is considered a small venue.

The White House Communications Agency requested daylight sources for this location due to lots of natural daylight. The truss above has the HMI ETC Source Four Lekos key lights for the podium. The Arri 4K’s will have Chimera’s on them to light the audience. The 575 watt HMI’s are to light the buffer area around the stage. The Secret Service requires an 8’ buffer lined with connected bike rack around the stage and in front of the media cut riser. The “cut riser” is usually a two tiered platform that is set up so that the media can get profile angles of the President with a featured audience in the background. In this case it was some of the students at Tech Boston.

One of my electrics finishes up a power run to the last HMI on this truss.

This arrow points to a hanging point for a cable pick using a 1/4hp chain motor to pull the head cables up to truss height once the trim height is established. Here the Presidential podium is in place so the focusing of the Key and backlights can begin. WHCA requires 180 footcandles at the podium for the key and 90 fc for the backlight.

This is the angle that the media will get from the cut riser.

Here is the primary media riser where the cameras will be straight on to the podium until they are escorted to the cut riser. Each camera gets a rotation to the cut riser.

Above you can see a rigger in a man lift (frame left) setting rigging points in the steel for chain motors. We had 6 – ½ hp chain motors and 2 – 1/4hp. So we needed a total of 8 hanging points rigged.

This shot (a joker crew member gets his fingers in the frame) was taken just after the hanging points were in place and two of the three 50’ truss hanging at working height ready to have lights and power placed.

Ready to kill the house lights and begin to focus the lighting.

Left arrow shows the cut riser for the media. The right arrow points to the bleachers where the students will sit so they will be seen in the background of the President’s profile angle. The bull nose deck is set (down arrow) for the White House camera feed.

My second electric did a great job with setting up all of the HMI ballasts that operate all of the lights. Once the lights are turned on for the event, this will be draped in black to keep it hidden from cameras and anyone looking to turn the lights off. Over heating must be prevented when draped to prevent the ballasts from shutting down. So proper venting is critical.

Podium and buffer area done and awaiting the President.

Just add a banner between the two up rights, remove the covers from the teleprompter class and insert the President. You can see some of his visit to Tech Boston here: