This short video was shot just outside with my new Letus Extreme 35 mm lens adapter. I attached the Letus to my Sony HDR-Z1U camcorder.

I put this together in about a half an hour. I did not use a tripod. I will next time, this was just a test. I am so busy at work right now but plan on shooting a three minute “film” with the Letus this Monday 3/9/08. Keep an eye on this site for more.

In the video above, I used a cheap f2.4 28 mm Nikon mount lens and kept it wide open. The lens cost me $30 at a local camera shop and it looks like it was made 50 years ago. I used Final Cut Pro to edit the mini project and Magic Bullet Looks to add the corner vignette. I also over saturated the video and removed color in a few shots. This video was compressed to 720p at 24 frames per second to give it a film look.

I also bought a Japanese lens at the local shop. The lens is a 70 mm to a 210 mm with macro and it has a Pentax K mount. The lens is at f4.5 to f5.6 so I will need plenty of light when I use it. This lens cost $120.00.

The one thing you may notice in the video is a “wax paper” look to the whites in the picture. I forgot to turn on the vibrating feature that the Letus has to remove this. I will turn it on during my next project.

Expect a lot more and lots of blogging on this magical device. I have never seen depth of field so shallow on this camera or any video camera.

TRT: 1 minute 34 seconds

Production Credits

Shot and Edited by:
Tom Guilmette

The Bridge To Terabithia Sound Track