Letus mini and Sony SR11

I have used the Letus Extreme, Elite and Ultimate 35mm lens adapters. I use them almost everyday in the Boston area for broadcast television, features for sports and sit down interviews for documentaries. I am very happy with them and until now, I had never tried the Letus Mini.

I borrowed a Mini from a friend to test with my Sony HDR-SR11 AVCHD camcorder. I used only one lens, the Nikon 55mm f1.2, full manual. I mounted the adapter on a Vinten Vision 3 tripod and used spring number 3 for balance. I did not use any rod support system. I did not need it in this set up.

Many of you who read my web page would ask the obvious question… why not just use an HD DSLR camera to shoot this type of stuff?

Well, my answer is simple. Use an HD SLR if you own one. You can shoot in 1080p full raster, different frame rates, and use the expensive image stabilizing auto focus “L” series glass. But if you already own a small HD camcorder and do not want to spend more money on another camera body, then buy the Letus Mini. You get what you pay for. This adapter is a baby Letus Extreme. Built to last with solid metal and includes super sharp optics.

Many of you may have a few manual lenses sitting around in the attic collecting dust. If you want to get the shallow depth of field “filmic” look in your home videos or possibly professional images, the Letus Mini might be the answer for the long run.

I still recommend a full sized Letus adapter if you are operating a larger camera like the HVX 200 or the PMW-EX1, but the Letus Mini is perfect for the smaller “handycams”.

Letus Mini
JAG35PRO and Sony SR11

I did a review on the Jag35PRO adapter almost a year ago, and I love it for its price. You can watch the JAG35PRO video here and read the detailed blog here. It works and many people are shooting great content with a Jag adapter. But, there are no mirrors or prisms inside the Jag to flip the image. The JAG35PRO that I tested was made from plastic and the adapter was light hungry. I found the vibrating motor to be a bit fiddly as well.

The Letus Mini is also much sharper than the JAG35PRO in my tests with the same Nikon lens. The Letus Mini preformed quite well in fading light and even with its solid build, I found it easy to move around without support rods.

Letus mini and Sony SR11

I shot tonight during golden hour in one of my favorite places. I have shot video blogs at this stream before, including the JAG35PRO video, and I never get tired of it. The changing seasons in New England always presents something new for me to shoot. And when the sun is setting, the shadows get long and the place is blasted with orange beautiful light.

Please feel free to post any questions or comments below.

You can get more information on the Letus Mini and order it at a new lowered price at Letus Direct.