Dave Warner over at lensflare35.com asked me if I would be interested in recording a podcast with him over the phone. I was glad to help him.

Click the player below to listen to the podcast…

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Dave is compiling a bunch of podcast interviews with people working in the photography business. Now, I guess with the purchase of my new Canon 5Dmk2 digital SLR, I could be called a “photographer”! But I assure you, I am not an expert.

I spoke to Dave a few weeks ago as I was setting up broadcast TV cameras at Boston University to cover a college basketball game for ESPN. During my lunch break, I called Dave on my Blackberry and we had a great discussion about DSLRs and their effects on both the stills and video/film community. We also spoke about how my life has changed since I first turned on the Canon 5dmk2 and shot video with it.

If you want to watch the “Sleep Alive” music video shot with the Canon 5dmk2 camera in available light, click here. For my first attempt at a short film shot with just the light from a single oil lamp, click here. Finally, I hiked the Canon 5Dmk2 into the wild and shot waterfalls. Click here to watch the footage.

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