I have been using and testing Kessler Crane equipment for almost a year. I was interested in adding motion to my timelapses, but getting a move to happen exactly how I wanted it in the timelapse was very difficult. It required a lot of trail and error to get it just right.

That has all changed and I shot a tutorial for Kessler Crane explaining a new firmware upgrade that has greatly improved the Oracle motion control system.

Shot with Kessler Gear

Kessler SmartLapse is now available in all new controllers. If you own an older version, you can have the firmware upgraded for free, all you do is pay for shipping. You can get it by clicking here. This upgrade allows users to record a non-linear and dynamic camera move into the controller and playback that move over a long period of time.

If you are looking for the Oracle manual and quick start guides for download, here you go!

Oracle User Manual .pdf Download
Oracle Quick Reference Guide .pdf Download

Here is some info from the Kessler Crane Website:

The new SmartLapse™ mode on the ORACLE allows for easy WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) type timelapse setups. A path is recorded, the duration the timelapse should take is set, then your timelapse will run following the path recorded, over the duration set. With SmartLapse™ you are no longer limited to single direction / axis timelapse movements!

All ORACLE Controllers are now shipping with the SmartLapse™ software installed. If the firmware version on your controller is not v2.03SL or later, you can have your ORACLE Controller upgraded by ordering the upgrade below. Follow the instructions in the ORACLE SmartLapse™ Upgrade document below to have your ORACLE updated with SmartLapse™.

Please be sure to download and complete the upgrade form, above. You will also need to place your upgrade order below, by adding the line item to your shopping cart. The shipping address on the order, should be the address that the ORACLE Controller will be shipped back to, once the upgrade is completed.

There will be no charge to install the SmartLapse™ Upgrade on ORACLE Controllers that have firmware version prior to v2.03SL, other than shipping. If your ORACLE Controller has firmware version 2.03SL or later, you already have the SmartLapse™ Upgrade.

I have been testing out the new firmware over the last few weeks and I am very happy with the results. You can playback a ElektraDrive motor equipped Cineslider, Pocket Dolly, Shuttle Pod or Revolution move from 30 minutes to nearly 30 days.

This makes creating amazing timelapses with calculated movements very easy. I highly recommend you send in your Oracle controller and have the update applied.

Eric Kessler is working hard to improve his products and I am happy to be helping him test them out. Kessler Crane is adding even more functionality to the Oracle controller over the next few weeks. They will be offering upgrades for free and the hardware upgrades will be around $100 per unit.

This info is from the Kessler Crane website:

We are currently working on adding even more functionality to the ORACLE Controller. Some of the features we are targeting to make available in the next upgrade are:

-Control of a 2nd axis of movement in Slider Mode
-“Shoot-move-shoot support, with built in intervalometer
-Programmable “ramping” in timelapse modes

This upgrade will require a factory hardware upgrade to the ORACLE Controller and an additional module add-on, so the ORACLE will need to be returned to the factory to have the upgrade performed.

There will be no charge for the software upgrade, and we anticipate the cost to be under $100 USD for the hardware upgrade. As we get closer to release, we will have more details available.

I am looking forward to testing out these new features. I will post information and video blogs showing off my results on this website. Stay tuned everyone!

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Shot with Kessler Gear