You can order Kessler Parallax by clicking here.

Panning while sliding requires a lot of concentration to get perfect. If your fluid head on the slider is not smooth, or you apply to much or to little pressure to the pan, locking onto your subject is difficult.

The Kessler Parallax is fast to set up using 4 screws. Most people may decide to leave the Parallax bar attached to their slider permanently. If you want to use the slider like normal, just set the Parallax bar to zero on the etch marks.

Shot with Kessler Gear

I find this Parallax system to work perfectly when shooting sit down interviews. Adding just a little “back-pan” gives it a whole new look. Engaging and dynamic when used very subtly. If you own a motor like the 50:1, running it super slow makes very little sound.

You can use the Basic controller and manually press the left and right buttons to send the camera down the track very slow. Or you can program a move into the Oracle. Or the best solution will be the UniDrive looping system. This will be coming out soon.

Keep an eye on this blog for a more extensive review. I will also be reviewing the new UniDrive looping system that will be coming out soon.