I am on the summit of Mount Washington working on a job about extreme weather. I took a bit of time to shoot a short abstract film with the RED ONE MX in black and white.

The windows in the Rotunda of the Sherman Adams Summit Building on the top of Mt. Washington often frame some of the most beautiful views of the White Mountains in New Hampshire.

Due to the crazy weather on the summit, rime and glaze ice forms on the windows depending on the direction of the wind. I found it difficult to walk past these windows without taking a closer look.

Every morning they are different. Every morning when I walk into the Rotunda, I feel as if I’ve entered an art gallery. An art gallery with howling winds as loud as jet engines. Each window is a colorless painting. The textures and movement of ice crystals are fascinating and mesmerizing.

I used the RED and shot at 2k 120fps and 4k 24p. I used only the Canon 70-200mm f2.8 on a Birger mount. My other Canon lenses were in use on other cameras capturing time lapses.

I hope you enjoy it! As I edited this project at midnight last night, I heard foot steps waking through the cement floored Rotunda. They echoed all around me, a single heavy footed individual. But I am the only one here!

For more information on taking a trip to the summit, check out this link. Click Here.