February 17, 2008. The day I publish my website using iWeb and my new iMac apple computer. This day also marks my first ever web log, or as the interweb masses call it, a Blog.

So I guess the first blog will have a little story about what I do for a living. And a little blah blah blah.

I am a cameraman and I work for the New England Sports Network, NESN for short. I have shot countless Red Sox games, but here is the problem…I am not a baseball fan. Actually, ironically, as I am a sports cameraman, I really do not have any feelings towards the sports I shoot. I think I am one of the few sports cameramen who do not like what they shoot for a living.

So what keeps me going? Television. Specifically, High Definition Television. And a baseball flying towards my 75x 900mm $90,000.00 HD camera lens at Fenway Park. Manny Ramirez never got the chance to apologize. You can see this infamous video clip in my “Bloopers” section. I don’t plan on posting videos right to my main blog. I want this website to remain streamlined and fast loading.

The transition to HDTV from SD is like the transition from black and white television to color TV. I was not alive to see that, but I would guess that my feelings toward HD would have been similar to the days when we finally saw color images.

I look forward to posting some of my daily experiences on this Blog. If you work outside television, this page is a waste of time. If you work in this field, you just might find some of my posting useful.