I have been working way to much on the east coast of the United States… So I have decided to work a little bit on the western side of the country. I will be in the Tucson, Arizona area for the next six days. I will be working on a doc at the Hoover Dam for some of that time, not sure how much …yet.

dropkick crew

So what have I been doing these past weeks? I have been busy. I had another photo from the Dropkick Murphy concert that I DP’ed emailed to me. I am not sure why I was not smiling… maybe it was the fact that a fire extinguisher had gone off in the cramped space a few hours before and I was still recovering from inhaling yellow chemical dust. At least the rest of the crew was in good spirits. Special thanks to Mike “Pizza” Porta for this photograph.

on the bruins bench

I also have been covering tons of Boston Bruins hockey. This is a shot of me on the Bruins bench just before the players took the ice. Every game I must wait on the bench to shoot an interview with our sideline reporter, Naoko Funayama and a player that will air in the pre-game show. Lots of hockey over the last few days, and the Bruins are now in the playoffs. Things will get even more busy this spring in Boston sports television. I thank Bruins team photographer, Steve Babineau, for this excellent photo shot with a Nikon 16mm f2.8 mounted to a Nikon D3. The flash bulbs in the upper catwalk can be seen blasting the entire TD Bank North Garden with light. Steve uses a wireless Pocket Wizard to trigger the strobes.

my new tripod hard case

I will be on an airplane tomorrow afternoon. I am bringing all my camera equipment and this time, I have a hard case for my Vinten Vision 3 tripod. It is a hard case that I found (it was used for some unknown military purpose) on eBay. I modified it to perfectly hold the sticks and head. This hard case offers a lot more protection than the soft Vinten travel case that I used before (and found $400 worth of damage…see my past blog entry). See that Specialized Enduro Comp mountain bike in the background? I really want to ride it. When will I get some time off?

I plan on shooting a few short films while in Arizona. One will be about a cactus in the desert. Why cactus? Well, we do not have them in New England! I also want to shoot at the airplane grave yard in Tucson. I will visit my sister and her husband while out there. They have a 14 month old little girl. I have not seen the baby in almost a year. I look forward to it. Keep an eye on this page for the short films… I plan on uploading them while I’m out there.

Now back to packing.