Usually I do not just post videos made by someone else on my page…

But, I really like the way this footage was shot. Kinda like my style, no zooming, prime lenses, dolly, high frame rates, subtle panning, locked off shots with good composition! By posting the video here I will always have access to it when I’m stressed out and need to ride my bike!

I assume this was shot on the RED ONE at mostly 120 frames per second. I will find out. I love this footage and I like the song too!

A little background: This is the extended cut of a one minute advertisement by The Leith Agency. I am not certain they are the production company behind the camerawork, but I will find out.

When watching this video, keep in mind how simple the shots are. No cranes or jibs. There are a few tracking shots out of a car/truck that are very smooth and I would like to know exactly how they were done. Also, watch for focus pull and pushes, there are a few of them that were done perfectly.

Remember that this is just a bunch of raw footage cut together. There are a few bad edits I noticed, but overall I like most of it. There does not seem to be any color grading, which is a shame.

In the ad, street trials rider Danny MacAskill performs a serious of spectacular stunts for Scotland’s recruitment site,

Music is ‘Barriers’ by Aereogramme from their album ‘My Heart Has A Wish That You Would Not Go’ on Glasgow’s Chemikal Underground Records.

Take a look. The 4 minute 21 second video is first and the tightened one minute advert is second. I like the way the kid takes his bike out his front door, looks up at the cloudy, rainy sky, shrugs his shoulder and hits the road! I ride my bike in any weather, but I do not ride to work, I ride to get away from work. And I still love my job. Hmmm.

By shooting in the rain, the cinematographer had wet shiny streets! I love that. The only drawback to shooting in these dark and gray conditions is that everything is flat! But, with the shallow DOF and the prime lenses, you can still have fun with it. Plus, it does get sunny as the video moves along.

And the one minute advertisement:

Great riding and better cinematography. Danny website: