This is just a quick film I shot today during sunset at Ashland State Park in Massachusetts. I wanted to try out my new Red Rock Micro matte box, 4×5.65 glass filters and my new follow focus.

All this stuff added a lot of weight to my EX1 and Letus so hiking it around is going to be a challenge.

I did nothing to color correct the footage in post. I used a 4×5.65 glass circular polariser filter in the matte box and I am very happy with the results. I did slow down some of the 60 fps overcranked footage with Twixtor at 77 percent.

Everything you see in this film was shot from the same spot. I never moved the tripod in any direction. I just planted it and looked around me. I call this short “Golden Hour”, but I was only at the lake shooting for about twenty minutes.

Please check out my blog on this film. I have pictures of the new matte box and follow focus in the post. Check it out by clicking here.

TRT: 1 mins 4 sec
Size: 25.3 MB

Format: Quicktime 720p HD

Production Credits

Shot and Edited by:
Tom Guilmette

This video is not to be distributed.