I have been very happy with the ease of use and cheap price of the GoPro HERO 1080p point of view camera system. As a DP, these are vital to have in your kit. I own 4 of them! These tiny cameras have been used on CBS Survivor, Discovery’s Dirty Jobs, Mythbusters and countless other broadcast television shows and documentaries.

You can mount a GoPro in seconds almost anywhere and they are waterproof when you have them in their plastic housing. The mounting options range from helmet, bar, sticky, body and even the awesome suction cup. These are not just for action sports, I am finding ways to use them as B-camera cut-away shots mixed in with F800 footage.

I am booked on a job in Florida in a few days that requires a couple in-car driving shots. The only problem is that we have very limited time with the actors in the commercial spot. This is a run-and-gun type of operation and the only way to get the stuff we need is to compliment the F800 footage with GoPro content.

I ran a few tests today driving back from a gig in Boston. My main concern is the reflections and glare off the windshield and door glass windows. I plan on testing a polarizing filter tomorrow in direct sunlight with great hope that it cuts through the milky fog and lets me see inside the car. I will post the results on this page as an update. I was not happy about the rainy and dark weather conditions during my test today. We hope for a bright sunny day in Florida on Wednesday.

Using the GoPro suction cup mounts is very fast and easy. If you do not own one of these $30 bits of gear, I highly recommend you buy one. You will be very happy with the holding power of this mount and the versatility of its many uses on many surfaces in the field. To learn more about GoPro 1080p POV cameras, please click here. To get more info on the suction cup mount, click here.

UPDATE 3/7/11: Using a Polarising Filter to knock down windshield glare.

I pulled the cap off an oregano spice container and cut out a small hole to allow the plastic piece to fit around the GoPro lens. This black cap allowed me to tape a Tiffen 52mm circular polariser to the ring and provide a mount for the filter. It worked well, but would have been nice if I could have had time to spin the polariser for the best effect. I do not own a GoPro BacPac yet, so monitoring the camera is a bit tricky. I plan on using this solution in Florida in two days. Wish me luck! Video test below…