There are lots of rumors flying about almost all things Apple this week (and in recent weeks). The big ones are about new MacBooks, new iPads, and new Final Cut Pro.
The new MacBook is a big one to me. I’ll hopefully be able to pick one up real soon. I love my 13″ MacBook ‘Classic’ but it’s getting long in the tooth.

The new iPad2 will be announced on Marc 2nd. I’m curious to see where they take this. Lots of competition has been launched in the year since they blazed the trail. I bought one and sold it a few months later as I wasn’t using it enough to really justify owning it. I just don’t know what feature was really missing to make me ‘need’ one.

Finally, the exciting bit that is still mostly rumor would have to be the expected Spring 2011 overhaul of Final Cut Pro. According to FCP tutorial guru Larry Jordan, the next version will be a ‘jaw-dropper’. He claims to be among a small group of industry professionals that Apple wanted feedback from. Of course he can’t give any real details because Apple would never allow that, he does indicate a positive outlook by saying ‘Its gonna be a great year’. Hopefully this is an indicator that Apple hasn’t given up on the Pro Apps despite giving up on Xraid and Xserve. Steve Jobs has allegedly indicated that FCP has never been in jeopardy but until they actually come up with a true project management solution is it ever really growing?

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