I’ve spent some time editing the music video I’m working on. I’m about 75% through the first rough cut and I’d like to share it with you now. I’ve stripped out the audio for now because the actual song is still being recorded and mixed and I don’t want to have anyone think that the audio recorded by the 5Dmk2 is representative of the band. The idea behind the music video, generally speaking, is to make a band look and sound good. So, I apologize for the silence but at some point soon I’ll have a post with a finished product including final mix audio.
Some of the shots obviously go on too long and some feel too short. As I said, it’s still a rough cut. I mentioned in a previous post that I thought this project would be fun to share as I go through it so I’m holding up my end of the deal. Let me know what you think of how it’s coming along and feel free to leave any feedback and constructive criticism (or questions) you may have.