UPDATE 12/07/12
I am now hosting all file downloads on my website with DROPBOX. This free service (2GB) offers links to provide clients or the general public an easy way to download files. The person on the downloading end no longer needs a DROPBOX account. If you want an account to share your work using DROPBOX, please click here. If you want more than 2GB in space, you can pay for it.

There are a bunch of formats in television/digital cinema and not too many places that post video clips straight off the memory card for NLE testing. This blog contains some of todays popular formats and a link that will allow you to download ten second clips of a swimming goldfish.

I posted this page because a client asked me for a few video files that could be used as a test on their editing system. I decided instead of posting these files privately, I would post them to my website so that others could benefit from using them.

The formats I posted below are from a Red One MX, Sony PDW-F800 & PMW-F3, Canon 5dmk2 & mk3, GoPro Hero2 and Fastec TS3.

The camera clips that are native (straight off the card) in this test are the Red .R3D, Canon and GoPro files. The XDCAM files from the F800 and F3 were ingested using Sony’s free XDCAM Browser software and imported into Final Cut Pro as .MOV. The reason I chose to do this is simple. This will be my backup protocol and the way I deliver them to the editor. You will need Red Cine X to play with the .R3D files. You can get it free from here.

RED ONE MX CAMERA – 70-200mm II Canon L-Series Lens

Red 4k 24fps – 4096×2304 raw REDcode 9:1 REDcode 36 (.R3D – 404.5MB)

ProRes 422HQ transcode of Red footage at 1080p (.mov – 85.6MB)

Sony PDW-F800 XDCAM Camera – Fujinon ZA17x7.6 HD Lens

XDCAM HD 420 35mbps – 1920×1080 (.mov – 67.5MB)

XDCAM HD 422 50mbps – 1920×1080 (.mov – 86.7MB)

Sony PMW-F3 XDCAM EX Camera – 85mm Zeiss CP.2 Lens

XDCAM EX 420 35mbps – 1920×1080 (.mov – 49.1MB)

Canon 5dmk2 DSLR – 70-200mm II Canon L-Series Lens

JPEG photo – 5616×3744 (.jpg – 3.6MB)

Raw photo – 5616×3744 (.CR2 – 22.1MB)

Image sequenced time-lapse – ProRes422 – 1920×1080 (.mov – 227.9MB)

30p Video – 1920×1080 (.MOV – 69.1MB)

Canon 5dmk3 DSLR – 70-200mm II Canon L-Series Lens

60p Video ALL-I (low compression) mode – 1280×720 (.MOV – 53.9MB)

30p Video ALL-I (low compression) mode – 1920×1080 (.MOV – 82.6MB)

60p Video IPB (high compression) mode – 1280×720 (.MOV – 34.0MB)

30p Video IPB (high compression) mode – 1920×1080 (.MOV – 47.1MB)

GoPro Hero2 POV Camera

30p Video – 1280×720 (.MP4 – 12.7MB)

60p Video – 1280×720 (.MP4 – 18.5MB)

120p Video – up-converted in camera to 1280×720 (.MP4 – 17.1MB)

30p Video – 1920×1080 (.MP4 – 18.5MB)

30p Video in Pro Tune mode 35mbps flat grade – 1920×1080 (.MP4 – 46.4MB)

Fastec TS3 High Speed Camera – Nikon Nikkor 50mm Lens

High compression AVI mode – 1280×720 (.avi – 16.6MB)

You can also download these files off of the DROPBOX browser by clicking my public download page. Look for the “guilmette-format-test-v1” folder. Click the image below and download whatever you need!

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