Above is just a tease for what is coming…

This December I will be living inside a remote manned weather station with scientists and climate observers. I will be shooting a documentary on extreme weather and will also be posting BTS using a microwave internet connection that I hope will be stable! More information on the project will be released end of November.

If you want to see me beat up my gear, and put it to the test in -40 degree weather with 100 MPH winds, keep an eye on this blog!

I am really excited about this job and will be shooting on Sony F800, F3, DSLR, GoPro and Red. I will be using high speed cameras from Fastec Imaging and Rule Boston Camera. I will also have motion support gear from Kessler, heavy tripods from Vinten and wireless mics from Sony. LED lighting will be provided by Zylight.

Stay tuned!