Indoor / Outdoor ContourHD 720p test

I have been blogging up a storm about this little camera and I have received a ton of emails about it. I have been asked several times by people to post footage from inside a building. How will the camera react to the low light and different light color temperatures?

I mounted the ContourHD 720p camera to my head (using a miner’s head lamp strap and light) and walked right into the workplace looking for TJ Powers. He is hard to track down these days now that he got his promotion.

When watching this video, take a look at the CMOS jelly effect, it is very obvious. Also, this little 720p camera does not do well in low light. I am looking forward to testing the new 1080p version of this camera in similar situations. If it works out and looks good in low light I could go undercover for Dateline NBC!

Notice that as I enter rooms with outdoor light streaming through the windows, the camera maintains a 3200K white balance. The camera really is quite intelligent.

All audio was recorded with the 720p ContourHD built-in mic. Sorry about the music, but it was getting late and I am not feeling well at the moment.

I arrive at a Boston TV station and bother the people who work there with the ContourHD 720p camera mounted to my head!

Yes, this TV station bought four Vinten Vision 10 AS tripods!