Contour HD test

I never should have opened up the box! It is 2am and I am very tired!

But I did. I have a demo ContourHD unit to play with and it is going to be fun. I have been in the market for a small wearable HD POV camera for a long time, but I have always been weary of the video quality. Usually, the quality is sub SD and if you want anything that looks good, you must pay thousands of dollars…but not anymore.

I contacted VholdR and asked if I could test out the new ContourHD camera. I really wanted to have this earlier in the month, shooting the Alex Couture downhill mt. biking film, but I got it too late! As most of you know, I had to bolt a Canon 5dmk2 to my head! You can read all about that here.

I wrote a blog about this camera before it was even available to test and the guys at VholdR wanted to get one into my hands to mess with. You can read the blog here.

This is what I have come up with so far, just a few minutes ago…

I shot a short video on the ContourHD and just grabbed the .mov file off the (included) microSD card using a USB2 cable. I then uploaded the file to my web server.