My blog is crossing over into personal… ut oh!

My parents moved out west this past summer and this was my first Christmas in 31 years without them. Work and their distance away made traveling hard this December, but I will be booking a flight to visit them later in January. So this Christmas was going to be different. I was going to spend it with just friends and I really enjoyed it. It also included a few days off for me, which has not happened in a while.

I spent Christmas eve on Newfound Lake. I got out for a few minutes during magic hour to shoot at the lake’s edge. Take a look at the short video above shot with the Canon 5dmk2 and Canon 85mm f1.2 mk2 L series lens.

As you are reading this, the 5dmk2 is set up shooting the lake for two weeks to document ice-in by taking a picture every 2 minutes. I mounted the Canon 24mm f1.4 to the camera and plugged the it into a/c power. It is protected from the elements. I have left the camera in full auto, the first time trying this with day and night coverage, and hope to get some great stuff to post here.

On Christmas eve I snapped a few shots, my first indoor shutter clicks with the Canon 5dmk2 to document an event. Remember, I bought this camera as a video camera, not a still camera. I took the photos below with no flash, just available light and only using the Canon 85mm f1.2 lens. I shot in total automatic mode and found the lens to be very fast and quick to focus. Here are a few of my favorite shots. No pics of me, I was behind the camera for this batch…


jim goggles

I give all the credit to the beautiful 85mm f1.2 lens on the front of the Canon 5Dmk2! That lens is amazing. With that point and shoot setup, just about anyone can shoot very professional looking photographs. I highly recommend this camera!

If you are Dave, click here to download all the photos from that day in very high resolution. You will need your username and password I emailed you.

For Christmas day, I spent that at my neighbors house. We drank lots of early morning mimosas, ate, slept it off and went snowmobiling. No pictures, sorry, I took the day off!