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Kessler Shuttle Pod V2 Video Setup Tutorial

I have been using the Kessler Shuttle Pod for almost a year and it works very well as a portable dolly solution. I use the system to get dynamic camera moves either by sliding the carriage down the track by hand or under the power of the ElektraDRIVE motors. I shot a video blog on […]

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NAB 2011 Video Blog – What’s New in Las Vegas

For the third year in a row, Vinten and the Vitec Group have sponsored me at NAB. I have been using Vitec branded products in television for over ten years now. I am an end user and I pay close attention to things I like and don’t like when using gear everyday in the field […]

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It’s a Burl – Short “Slice of Life” Documentary shot on 5Dmk2 with Kessler CineSlider

Last Summer, I took a trip to the Pacific Northwest. I brought a Canon 5dmk2 and some Kessler gear with me to capture a few stories while I was on vacation. I have already posted a video about a banana slug, how Philip Bloom fell off the raft on a white water trip, and a […]

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Kessler SmartLapse Tutorial

I have been using and testing Kessler Crane equipment for almost a year. I was interested in adding motion to my timelapses, but getting a move to happen exactly how I wanted it in the timelapse was very difficult. It required a lot of trail and error to get it just right. That has all […]

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Pacific Northwest Trip – Video Blog

This video has audio commentary. Be sure to listen to it after you watch the video. AUDIO COMMENTARY: [Audio clip: view full post to listen] This past summer I spent a week on vacation in the Pacific Northwest. I had never been up that way and always wanted to see that part of the United […]

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Kessler Shuttle Pod Tutorial and Field Demonstration

I have been given the opportunity to test out Kessler Crane products for review on my website. I am very excited about some of the new stuff Eric Kessler is designing in Indiana. The gear is well built, easy to use, and fills a void in both price range and tools for creating awesome camera […]

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Bloom/Guilmette Blog War – Bloom Overboard

Foolish I know, this blog war. It is a real waste of talent and resources. But it is fun and entertaining too. I have been on the road with a bunch of Kessler gear and I have shot a ton of cool stuff in the Pacific Northwest. Exciting content like the Pacific coastline, the California […]

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Bloom/Guilmette Blog War and Pacific Northwest Road Trip

I have known an English fellow, Philip Bloom, for about two years. Lovely human being, but something is fishy. I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is, but I think Philip has declared war. You can read his blog here. I am currently in beautiful northern California in a small town called Ft […]

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Key West Kessler Crane Meet Up – Video Blog from “The Fishing Trip”

I have been in beautiful, sunny Key West for two very short days. I am joining forces with Philip Bloom, Jon and Christina from Canonfilmmakers.com and Eric Kessler on a Kessler Crane sponsored meet up and equipment demonstration. We are also shooting short films from the colorful streets and people who call this small island […]

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First Flight with the Kessler 12 Foot Crane

I have been testing Kessler products in Northern Indiana and now in the mountains of New Hampshire. For the first time, I have been using the V3 Kessler Crane. I joke around with Eric Kessler and say, “you guys make cranes too?”. Their first product was the crane and this established the company, but I […]

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Kessler Shuttle Pod Dolly System – Motorized Dolly Moves Using Oracle & ElektraDRIVE

I have been testing the Kessler Shuttle Pod in Indiana. Eric Kessler, Chris Beller and myself have put the brand new system through its paces. My first few blogs about it included how easy it is to setup, how smooth and sturdy the system worked out with a telephoto lens and motion recording and playback […]

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Kessler Motion Capture & Playback using Oracle, ElektraDRIVE Motors, Shuttle Pod, & CineSlider

I have returned from my Indiana trip and I am very tired! I have been experimenting with Kessler motorized gear and Canon 5d mark 2 DSLR cameras. Eric Kessler, the man behind the products, has been working with me to field test these innovative production tools. In addition to shooting time lapses with motion, Eric […]

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