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Adobe Warp Stabilizer. A poor-man’s Cineflex?

I have been thinking about bailing on Final Cut Pro since the release of Final Cut Pro X, aka iMovie Pro. I was so upset with the new Final Cut software lacking key elements (such as legacy support of old projects) that I demanded my money back from Apple. I got my refund. Now, I […]

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Red Epic on the Road – First Impression Video Blog with R3D Epic Video File Downloads

Working with friend and first A.C. Nick Keating, I shot and edited a video blog that will help you better understand the Red Epic. I go through the menus, show basic operation and offer tips to save you time in the field and bring back stunning pictures. Shot on location in the New Hampshire White […]

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Kessler Basic Controller Video Blog and Tutorial

Are you looking to get into motion control timelapsing, but you have a tight budget? Do you want to add a simple and precise dolly move to your next short film? I have found the perfect solution! The Kessler Pocket Dolly Traveler, Basic Controller 2.0, 500 series ElektraDRIVE motor, motor mount kit, Manfrotto 701HDV fluid […]

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Clone Wars: Tommy Two

Last month I did not attend NAB in Las Vegas. But I was there. How is that possible you ask? I have been working feverishly over the last year to do something that no one else has managed to do. To create an exact replica of myself for the sole purpose of passing off unwanted […]

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Kessler Shuttle Pod V2 Video Setup Tutorial

I have been using the Kessler Shuttle Pod for almost a year and it works very well as a portable dolly solution. I use the system to get dynamic camera moves either by sliding the carriage down the track by hand or under the power of the ElektraDRIVE motors. I shot a video blog on […]

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NAB 2011 Video Blog – What’s New in Las Vegas

For the third year in a row, Vinten and the Vitec Group have sponsored me at NAB. I have been using Vitec branded products in television for over ten years now. I am an end user and I pay close attention to things I like and don’t like when using gear everyday in the field […]

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Getting ready for NAB 2011 – Vinten, Kessler, Zacuto, Rule, Letus Direct, Fastec Imaging, & Zylight

Once again I will be attending the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention in Las Vegas this year. I will be working the Vinten booth like previous years April 11 to April 13th. I will also be working the Zacuto/Kessler Booth the morning of April 14th. Please swing by and chat tv/film with me if […]

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Exploring Abandoned Mine Tunnels in Arizona and Testing New Gear

First off, do not try what was attempted in this video blog above at home or away from home. Going into abandoned mine shafts, tunnels and other ruins is dangerous! It may be fun, but criminals, wild animals, dead wild animals, poisonous things, rock fall, Philip Bloom, explosive gasses, and other dangers/injury could lurk inside. […]

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The Ultimate Pizza Delivery to a Place with the World’s Worst Weather

I got a phone call asking if I would go up New England’s tallest peak with my cameras to document a pizza delivery. The location, Mt Washington (elevation 6,288 feet above sea level) and the pizza delivery, Rustic Crust and American Flatbread. The means of transportation was a Bombardier Snow Cat. Gusty 50 plus mile […]

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Panasonic AG-3DA1 3D Video Camera and the Future of 3DTV (3D files for download)

Looking to buy some cheap 3D glasses to view this footage? Click on these! Red / Cyan Anaglyph Plastic 3D Glasses (for use with this video blog) Magenta / Green Anaglyph Plastic 3D Glasses 1/29/11 IMPORTANT NOTE: It has been brought to my attention that the “Tim Dashwood Final Cut Levels Filter” method I posted […]

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“Skyfishing” with a GoPro HERO POV Camera 400+ Feet Up

WARNING: I am getting reports that when flying this thing around trees, you have no control of it. It is very easy to lose your camera so I must advise you practice in a field far away from objects like buildings or trees first. Dave and I made this look easy in the video blog […]

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The Phantom HD GOLD High Speed Camera – Video Blog & Download Footage

UPDATE: 1/7/11 I have a Phantom v640 .cine raw file at the bottom of this blog for download. This file was shot on a Phantom that was not working properly until a firmware patch was applied. You will notice a large “plume” in the center of the frame. This file is for demonstration and testing […]

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