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Powerline Sunset

I grabbed my PMW-EX1 and drive to the powerlines about three miles from my house. I knew the sunset was gonna be sweet. But, I was about ten minutes to late. I saw the soft ball of fire just drop out of site as I parked the car. I managed to get a few shots […]

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Fenway Day Game Celestron Motorized Time Lapse

First off, I want to give credit where credit is due. My idea to do this type of blog was inspired by Philip Bloom. I was amazed at his knowledge and his style of shooting. I was very impressed with his website. He not only produces excellent content and imagery, but he explains his technique […]

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Fenway Cameraman Timelapse BTS

I had a crazy idea and it was slightly narcissistic. I wanted to point the time lapse PMW-EX1 XDCAM at myself as I worked. I wanted to see just how many times I whipped panned, tilted up, got a red tally, moved around the platform and touched the controls on my hard camera at Fenway […]

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Another Day at Fenway Time Lapse BTS

I brought my EX1 with the Letus and my motorized telescope pan head to Fenway to shoot my second time lapse. Here are a few pictures to show you my set up. My last time lapse, “One Day at Fenway” was shot from the left field seats. This time, I set up on the right […]

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Small Town Time

I must apologize for the crudity of the editing on this. I exported it for this webpage with much haste to meet a fake deadline I set for myself. If I don’t set deadlines, things never get done. This video has good and bad panning time lapse in it. I am sure you can pick […]

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