Documenting a Rafting Trip with 5 GoPros, Letus Anamorphic Adapter & 2 iPhones

A few weeks ago, Paul Reynolds and I went white water rafting down some very cold rivers in Oregon. One of these rivers, the upper McKenzie, can only be run this time of year because of the high water flow. The problem with rafting in the spring is the wet weather and icy waters. Paul […]

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Using GoPro Cameras on Live Multi-Camera Remote Broadcasts

EDIT: Do not build your own 12 volt USB power adapter for the GoPro. The power requirements are 5 volts, 500-1000 milliamps which is what almost all cell phone chargers put out. If you send 12 volts to a GoPro it will do damage! GoPro Heros. Amazing little cameras. For under $300 you get a […]

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GoPro Hero Car Driving Test – Interior and Exterior Using Suction Cup Mounts

I have been very happy with the ease of use and cheap price of the GoPro HERO 1080p point of view camera system. As a DP, these are vital to have in your kit. I own 4 of them! These tiny cameras have been used on CBS Survivor, Discovery’s Dirty Jobs, Mythbusters and countless other […]

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“Skyfishing” with a GoPro HERO POV Camera 400+ Feet Up

WARNING: I am getting reports that when flying this thing around trees, you have no control of it. It is very easy to lose your camera so I must advise you practice in a field far away from objects like buildings or trees first. Dave and I made this look easy in the video blog […]

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Bloom/Guilmette Blog War – Bloom Overboard

Foolish I know, this blog war. It is a real waste of talent and resources. But it is fun and entertaining too. I have been on the road with a bunch of Kessler gear and I have shot a ton of cool stuff in the Pacific Northwest. Exciting content like the Pacific coastline, the California […]

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Skiing & Snowmobiling Conditions – Warren, New Hampshire area

UPDATE: EPIC storm coming this weekend! I will be back on the trails blasting pow Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday first week of 2010! I’m on vacation in New Hampshire (though I am shooting a two week timelapse of ice forming on a lake) and I just wanted to post a quick trail report for anyone […]

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ContourHD 720p and 1080p Raw H.264 File Downloads Straight Off Memory Cards

First of all, they guys at VholdR let me borrow the 720p version ContourHD camera. I liked it so much, I paid $330 at BH Video to buy the 1080p upgraded version. I am not being paid by VholdR to write this blog. I am doing it to help you decide if this camera is […]

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“In The Biz” – Broadcast Sports Television with ContourHD

I haven’t had a day off in quite a while and I take almost every television job offered to me. I answer the phone and say, “yes”. No matter how big or how small…and this TV job was a small network gig. I have to support my television equipment impulse buying addiction somehow… Well, I […]

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ContourHD 720p Camera Indoor / Outdoor Test

I have been blogging up a storm about this little camera and I have received a ton of emails about it. I have been asked several times by people to post footage from inside a building. How will the camera react to the low light and different light color temperatures? I mounted the ContourHD 720p […]

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ContourHD 720p Road and Trail Test Vid Blog

Check out my road and trail test of the ContourHD 720p wearable video camera: I finally got some time to test out the ContourHD camera. The first wearable 720p HD POV solid state camera. And I love it. There is an ever better version of this camera coming out in about a month that will […]

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ContourHD 720p camera first test

I never should have opened up the box! It is 2am and I am very tired! But I did. I have a demo ContourHD unit to play with and it is going to be fun. I have been in the market for a small wearable HD POV camera for a long time, but I have […]

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Canon 5Dmk2 Helmet POV Camera

I will be testing a demo version of the ContourHD “wearable” HD video camera. But I have not received it yet from the company. I have a shoot this weekend with a World Cup downhill mountain biker. So I had to come up with something! I am going to be the “chase bike”. I will […]

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