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High Frame Rate Reel – 2012

This is a sample of my work with high frame rate cameras over the last two years. Most of this was shot on the Phantom Flex, but I also used a Phantom HD GOLD & v640, Fastec Imaging HiSPEC2 & TS3 100, Red One MX & Epic, and NAC MemoryCAM. Frame rates range from 120 […]

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Exploring Frame Rates and Resolutions on a Phantom Flex High Speed Camera

My friends at Rule Boston Camera hooked me up with a Phantom Flex for a job and I had an extra day to play with this amazing high speed camera. I asked on my Twitter feed if any of my follows were interested in a techy video blog that showed off the different resolutions and […]

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Shooting Professional Sports “ENG” Style with Red One MX Camera

I have been working in sports television for over a decade. I have seen standard definition turn to high definition and technology improve to help live remote broadcasts bring the action from the field into your living room. I have the honor of using cutting-edge equipment working all over the country. I also do quite […]

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Exciting new GoPro Products: The WiFi BacPac and the Underwater Dive Housing

Ethics Statement: I am not sponsored by GoPro and they did not ask me to write about their new products. I bought and tested out the new Dive housing and wanted to share my experimentation with my readers. I made the mistake of shooting underwater b-roll for a client on a GoPro with unusable results. […]

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Testing out the Fastec TS3 Cine High Speed Camera and Butterfly Footage

I finally got my hands on the new Fastec TS3 Cine camera and I love it. It is truly a portable high speed solution that is very easy to use! EDIT 5/2/12: I shot a video blog detailing the operation of the camera and also traveled to a local greenhouse that was filled with colorful […]

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Pre-NAB Video Blog: Vinten Vision Blue 5 & Kessler Motion Control Systems

I’m stoked to be going to the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas tomorrow and really excited to be representing two great companies, Vinten and Kessler. This will be my 4th NAB and from now until the rest of my days I will never miss it. I have found NAB to be such […]

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Monster Hunter – Short Film Shot on Sony PMW-F3 with S-Log

The Monster Hunter Short Film Behind the Scenes of Monster Hunter Video Blog Making movies. I’m sure all who read this blog loved doing it when they were kids. No script, just a crazy idea and a bunch of insane imaginations. Grab a camera and start shooting. No lighting, bad acting, horrible shot sequencing, crash […]

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Using GoPro Cameras on Live Multi-Camera Remote Broadcasts

EDIT: Do not build your own 12 volt USB power adapter for the GoPro. The power requirements are 5 volts, 500-1000 milliamps which is what almost all cell phone chargers put out. If you send 12 volts to a GoPro it will do damage! GoPro Heros. Amazing little cameras. For under $300 you get a […]

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First Short Subject Shot on Red Epic – Austin Orth – Frontside Grind Coffee

This past summer, I borrowed Eric Kessler’s Red Epic and shot a quick short film with it. This would be my first time ever using the camera system. I wanted to get a few hours on it and experiment with the workflow. I also wanted to try mounting the Epic to the Kessler Pocket Dolly. […]

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Prospect Hill – Come Alive – Music Video Shot on Master Cinema Series Rig

Two weeks ago, I was hired by director and friend Torey Champagne to direct the photography on my third music video shot with Canon 5dmk2 DSLRs. The band was Prospect Hill and they were preforming their new single, “Come Alive”. These guys have a new album coming out and they are from New England. Torey […]

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The Shane Hurlbut Letus Master Cinema Series

Shane Hurlbut, ASC – Letus Master Cinema Series Launch Video Blog Ethics Notice: Letus paid my expenses and invited me to the Los Angeles Launch Party so that I could document the event for my blog. I am not being compensated for the shooting, editing or writing of this blog. I was sent home with […]

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My History of Sports Television and What Has Changed

“You have the best job in the world”. That is what people say to me when they see me manning my post at Fenway Park in Boston Massachusetts. This is how I reply, “Shooting a Red Sox game day after day was like an artist being forced to paint the same exact picture over and […]

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